Happy Christmas to all our readers and here’s to 2022!

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So a tumultuous year comes to a close and it has been the one of the most upheaval I can recall in my 11 years covering the energy sector.

From floods and heatwaves to COP and energy supplier collapses. From new plans and strategies, net zero commitments and CCS. EVs in towns and solar farms in the country, carbon capture and new nuclear. Smart grids and smart meters, Insulate Britain and Earthshot prizes. And who can forget the Petrol Panic that never needed to be!

Can you think of a year with as much change and through it all the unfortunate narrative of Coronavirus.

But step back and realise energy has worked this year. Despite the lack of wind and the cost of gas. The blown interconnectors and the wrath of Arwen and Barra. The job losses and the job creation. Greta to Boris, the UNFCC report to fusion strides.

Throughout it all the energy sector has kept the lights on, kept the hospital ventilators working, charged the EVs, boiled the kettles and warmed the schools. The finance computers have had enough power and instagrammers have been able to upload for likes.

It’s been a rough year but it has survived and as ever that is down to the amazing people and businesses within it.

Here at Energy Live News and future Net Zero we have been with you all the way, held three real life events along the way and gathered more readers and followers. Thank you for your time and loyalty. To all the sponsors of the site and the events thankyou for backing us in tough times, without their help nothing we do for you as readers would be possible.

Finally thanks to my entire team, Kamile, Dimi, Kiran, Rob, Harry, Tia, Priyanka (who also welcomed another ELN baby to the fold!), new recruit Mahin and to both Jonny and Melinda who left for pastures new. An amazing team and without them there would be no ELN or FNZ.

And of course to Geoff, my partner in time and crime. We have always wanted to build this brand to be one you can rely on for independence and accuracy, facts and fun.

Next year we have big plans for both platforms so until then, have an amazing Christmas, be safe and I hope 2022 is a healthy and happy one for you all.

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