Green non-profit network saves £1.2m on energy

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Green non-profit network saves £1.2m on energy

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A sustainable network for non-profit organisations helped its members save an estimated £1.2 million on energy in 2016.

Fit for the Future supported 32.1GWh of renewable generation, enough to power 8,834 homes for a year.

The group, which includes Cancer Research UK, the RSPB, Guide Dogs, RNLI and Oxfam GB, has also launched its new strategy, which aims to make its members more climate friendly, adaptive and resilient.

Fit for the Future works as an environmental matchmaking service, linking charities with sustainability queries to those who have the knowledge and experience to provide answers and assistance.

Its new strategy marks a departure from a sole focus on clean energy and will now also look at practical solutions to wider climate change issues.

Fit for the Future said Oxfam GB’s 2016 savings on mileage alone could pay for safe, clean water for 250,000 people, whilst National Trust’s savings on oil could pay for the treatment of 42 historic sculptures.

Johanna Gosling, Environmental Manager at Oxfam GB, said: “Fit for the Future is one of the most useful networks I have been a part of. It’s accessible, targeted, relevant and everyone is very open about sharing their learnings.

“Its unique selling point is that it gives you access to a network of peers who have similar challenges and work within very similar constraints.”

A fuel poverty charity has told the government how to help vulnerable households stay warm.

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