From 2035, petrol and diesel cars ‘will no longer be sold in Europe’

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The European Parliament has voted for the end of combustion engines by 2035.

The decision will see only electric vehicles to be sold after this timeframe.

Members of the European Parliament supported the Commission’s proposal to reach zero-emission road mobility by 2035.

That means that the European Parliament endorsed the EU fleet-wide target to reduce the emissions produced by new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles by 100% compared to 2021.

Jan Huitema, a Dutch MEP, said: “An ambitious revision of carbon dioxide-standards is a crucial part of reaching our climate targets.

“With these standards, we are creating clarity for the car industry and can stimulate innovation and investments for car manufacturers. In addition, purchasing and driving zero-emission cars will become cheaper for consumers.”

Following the announcement, German Transport Minister Volker Wissing told reporters that Germany does not agree with the decision.

The plan still needs the approval of EU member states.

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