Fast fashion and online shopping fill wardrobes with plastics

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An astonishing 49% of clothes listed on fast fashion websites are produced from virgin plastics.

New research by the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) suggests fast fashion involves an enormous amount of new plastics.

It estimates 88% of recently listed clothing items contain new plastics on some websites.

Analysing more than 10,000 clothes from a range of UK’s leading fast fashion brands. the study shows online stores have been slow to adopt recycled materials.

It claims just 1% of items in some stores contain recycled materials.

Previous RSA research suggests just half of those who shop at fast fashion websites say they regularly buy clothes containing synthetic materials.

RSA calls on the government to explore a per-item ‘plastics tax’ on clothing imported into or produced in the UK containing virgin plastics.

That move could potentially discourage the extraction of fossil fuels used for clothing.

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