EU takes Bulgaria to court over illegal landfills

Posted on 26 January 2014 by Priyanka Shrestha

The European Commission said it is taking Bulgaria to the Court of Justice over the nation’s continued operation of illegal landfills.

It said numerous landfills in the country are still operating in breach of EU waste and landfill legislation, “representing a serious risk for human health and the environment”.

Under the Landfill Directive, existing landfills are not allowed to operate unless they comply with EU law since July 2009.

The Commission said in a statement: “According to the latest information available to the Commission, more than four years after the final deadline for closure Bulgaria still has 113 non-compliant landfills in operation. In an effort to speed the closure and clean-up of the illegal landfills, the Commission has therefore decided to bring Bulgaria before the EU Court of Justice.”

It is also taking Ireland to court for failing to enact EU legislation on renewable energy.

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