Decarbonising heat campaign launched in UK

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Decarbonising heat campaign launched in UK

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A campaign highlighting the role of biomass as a source of renewable heat has been launched.

The Renewable Energy Association (REA) and the Wood Heat Association (WHA) are urging the government to prioritise decarbonisation of heat and support the continued use of sustainable, affordable and low carbon biomass.

It follows the closure of the consultation on the future of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme six months ago.

The government is making its final decisions around how renewable heat technologies will be funded to 2021.

One third of the UK’s carbon emissions are from the heat sector and so far just above 4% of heat is being produced from renewable sources, according to the REA.

Around 56% of renewable heat generated in homes under the RHI has been from biomass. It has also generated 81% of green heat used in non-domestic properties, it adds.

Both the organisations believe wood heat in the UK is an affordable and sustainable way to decarbonise the nation’s heat sector, particularly in rural or off-gas grid properties.

Frank Aaskov, WHA Analyst said: “The biomass heat sector actively contributes to the regrowth of forests and has been the most popular technology under the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive programme. The government will be making major decisions about the programme’s future in the coming weeks and we’re urging them to remember biomass as a force for good.”

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