Could wrapping presents get us in a sticky situation?

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Could wrapping presents put the environment in a sticky situation?

UK waste collection firm Business Waste claims sales of sticky tape soar in the lead up to Christmas, with as many as six million rolls sold across the UK to help wrap the 1.1 billion presents bought each year.

The firm says this is an issue as sticky tape is generally made of non-recyclable polypropylene plastic, which many people mistakenly believe can go in their recycling bin.

Business Waste adds many types of wrapping paper are also non-recyclable. causing additional problems at processing centres

Mark Hall, Communications Director at Business Waste, said: “While it’s easy to get lost in the twinkling lights and excitement of Christmas, we have a very real responsibility to consider the impact millions of rolls of non-recyclable plastic have on the environment every year.

“With over a billion presents being given each year, consumers must act to reduce the unnecessary landfill totals each December.”

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