British firm unveils ‘world’s first’ microwave-powered boiler

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London-based energy technology firm Heat Wayv has unveiled what is claimed to be the world’s first microwave-powered boiler.

The so-called Heat Wayv One offering is a smart Internet of Things (IoT) appliance that uses microwaves to heat up water.

Controlled using a smartphone app, it can be fitted on any interior wall of a house in less than a day, operates almost silently and is promised to supply hot water and heating on-demand for any home that currently has conventional gas boilers.

The firm has listed two products on its website at an undisclosed price, with one, the size of a standard single double-height kitchen unit, designed for larger households.

The company said the microwave boilers create zero greenhouse gas emissions while in use and have the potential of removing up to 14% of the UK’s annual carbon dioxide emissions.

The announcement follows the current legislation that sets a target of all gas boilers being phased out completely by 2038.

Last year, the Climate Change Committee recommended that from 2025, all new-build homes will need to feature low carbon heating and said no new gas boilers should be installed after 2030.

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