“Ancient microbes could reduce gas bills and CO2”

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Could energy independence arise from our own backyards?

A new solution that uses so-called Achaea microbes promises to offer people a sustainable way to have their own in-house gas production.

These microorganisms are used to help accelerate the conversion of carbon dioxide and hydrogen into methane.

Dr. Alexander Krajete, Chief Executive Officer of the Austrian biological gas production and purification company Krajete GmbH spoke to ELN about the novel technology that processes kitchen waste: “We started to work on this biotechnological process ten years ago, using ancient microbes which have an intrinsic ability to convert carbon dioxide and hydrogen, producing methane or hydrocarbon as an energy carrier.

“These microbes used to dominate the Earth million years ago, they are normally found in volcanos, at the bottom of the ocean, in the soil.”

Watch the video to listen to the entire interview.

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