Amber nectar down under for solar fans!

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Australians participating in the ‘first’ peer-to-beer energy exchange scheme, will be able to swap AUD£30 worth of solar credit for a slab of beer.

Households in Australia will soon raise a toast on their sunniest days as they will be paid for the excess solar energy their solar panels are generating.

The solar exchange programme, launched by the brewing company Carlton and United Breweries, allows participants to exchange credit on their power bill, taken from generating more solar at home, for beers.

Every AUD$30 (£16.6) worth of credit can be exchanged for a ‘slab’ of beer, which will be delivered quarterly. the firm said.

A total of 500 households are set to participate in the scheme.

The initiative is part of Carlton and United Breweries’ commitment to being powered by renewable electricity by 2030.

The solar and beer swap will allow the company to receive the solar credits and reach its sustainability targets.

Brian Phan, General Manager Marketing of Victoria Bitter (VB), said: “Last year we put the Australian sun to work and started brewing VB with 100% offset solar energy. Now we’ve launched this Aussie-first program to thank those who have made the effort to go solar with some hard-earned VB.

“The only thing better than drinking the Big Cold Beer in the Aussie sun is earning beer while you do it. Plus it’s a real win-win for beer lovers and the environment.”

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