ABB to deliver ‘world’s largest’ digital substation in Belarus

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ABB has won an order to deliver what it claims will be the world’s largest digital substation in Belarus.

The project for the Belarus Ministry of Energy and transmission utility Mogilevenergo will consist of technology that is expected to enhance controllability and reliability while optimising operating costs.

The company will supply protection and control equipment, its ABB Ability MicroSCADA system and a digital process bus, which enables communication through ethernet cables instead of copper wires, saving cost and space.

The digital substation will also collect real-time data on primary equipment and help the utility to monitor, control and maintain assets as well as derive cost efficiencies.

Belarus, with more than nine million people, is experiencing growing electricity demand and its power grid is evolving to meet the need – digital technology is considered key in coping with future changes related to power generation and demand.

ABB says digitalisation enables “unprecedented” visibility of a customers’ assets and systems and the efficient harnessing of extensive volumes of data.

It also enables the easy integration of information and operational technologies, enabling operators in control centres to interpret key insights in real time and as a result, prevent critical failures.

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